Hi. Writing about statements is an art in itself, and not one I've ever felt proficient in. I am an artist, a christian, and a geek who currently lives and works near Washington, DC. My interests are broad and ranging. This site was designed to give the web a common point of entry to the various places that I live, publish and work, so that I don't forget myself. :) And so that you can find my stuff more easily.

Contact Info

Email: jason (at) walljm (dot) com
AIM: walljm2002
GTalk: walljm@gmail.com
Yahoo: walljm2002


  • Walljm.com - The blog. Archives of essays, posts, links, photos, and poetry. The content goes back to 2001. When reading, please keep in mind the date on the posts. A lot has changed since 2001.
  • JasonWallPhoto.com - Professional site for my photographic services.
  • JasonWall.net - My portfolio site. A collection of photos considered good and representative of my work. (in progress)


  • DynamicBible.com - I needed a super simple bible program that didn't need to be installed on my computer. Completely browser based, can be downloaded and run from your desktop. It was built when I was first learning how to use ajax technologies and was maintained for a while. It is in need of a reboot to v2.0 but I've not had the time. Feel free to use and download.
  • Rufus - A dynamic regular expression evaluator, built in javascript.